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You’re an old man with a computer-controlled pacemaker installed. Unfortunately your old computer is riddled with viruses and is trying to upload your personal information to an unknown server, but you can’t turn it off or else your pacemaker will fail. You need to deal with as many problems as you can on your own until the IT guy arrives.

Refresh page to play again on browser. That fixes the graphical glitch.

Press enter at the "Press Any Key To Die" screen.

144Hz Monitors run too fast. Please play downloadable version!

Programming & Lead Design by Superslim
Art by Merly23:
Music by Another Ocean:
Sfx by Burnout:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsCraft Beetle, Merly23, Another Ocean, Witch's Cadence
GenreInteractive Fiction, Simulation, Survival
Made withAseprite, GameMaker
TagsFast-Paced, Point & Click, Retro
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I think the game is a bit too difficult, but it's a good concept. 
(You could improve it by adding a short tutorial on how to interact with each type of pop up, similarly to the hack tutorial in Welcome To The Game.)

Loved everything about this game 

Gameplay from 5:17 - 7:41 


That escalated quickly!


Nice little game, can’t reach the end though too many task to handle. Love the art and music. 

Have to practice more, need that end satisfaction……. 


This pixel art is the best I have seen. So fkn nice. The game is very cool for a short concept. Now we need some superstition: Who is the hacker? 

1. The computer/an AI

2. The ITs lover?  I am sure is his one. Or at least I believe the IT guy wpuld fall in love with those messages. 

3. A cat? 

4.  Aliens? 


Neat little game! I love the UI design and pixel art a LOT

I really appreciate that! Thanks!


Brilliant game! Sound design is great, game play is intense and unforgiving. The feeling of satisfaction when you win is exhilarating. Very nice, and to think it was only made in 48 hours.

That means so much! Thank you!

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Nice! I'm a sucker for anything "Fake PC" or "Fake OS"

In the browser version I got stuck on the "Press Any Key to Die" screen. Refreshing did not help.

I think only the enter key let's you through


Aha! Yep! That was it. Thanks!

i survived!

For now... Just kidding, thanks for playing!!


now wheres my google bing?

Loved the art style! the amount of pop ups overwhelmed me but the games fun nevertheless!  - RTHiro


Would you say you felt out of control?


I would HAHA - RTHiro

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Cool concept! On the first screen when it says "Press Any Key" it looks like it only accepts enter to continue. Fun once you get past that! I like the micro-game style. Reminds me of something like WarioWare

Thank you! It was a blast making it!


LOOOVED the presentation!! Music, art is perfect.  Found the gameplay ramped up too quickly as I wanted more time to take things in.  More intricate mini would be cool but great work!

We wanted it to be a fast experience you had to try over and over until you won. More intricate mini-games would have been good to add though!

Thanks for complimenting the music! <3 


I felt like a old guy with a pacemaker playing this. Went way to fast! Very creative and original though, good job!

Thank you!


Amazing concept, I always love a good mini-game's game! I do believe I had the same issue as lootss (text not lining up), seems to be related to restarting the game? I've did an F5 and everything went back to normal.

If can share a feedback, I do think the difficulty is a little bit harder than it should be (when I was trying to learn I've received a game over pretty quick). But that's very easy to tweak. Anyway, amazing job! 


I really appreciate the feedback. It seems that a combination of restarting and pressing enter breaks text alignment. For now the fix is to just reload the page.


Cool idea! Had some issues where the text did not line up with the windows borders, making it hard to read which key I had to smash, etc. Otherwise great job !


Thank you! That is a known bug but it should be pretty rare.